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About The Mudhole Duck Club

The Mudhole Duck Club is located just one mile from the Missouri River near Orrick, Missouri, 35 miles northeast of Kansas City with close proximity to the Kansas City airport.  With nearly 500 acres of pure, flat river bottom including nearly 400 acres of floodable area, 15 acres of flooded timber and a 30 acre lake teaming with crappie, bass and catfish, our land is as scenic as it is rich with waterfowl.  For decades, this plot has been well-known in the area as a duck hunter’s favorite.

The hunting area is in the lowest part of the river bottom with depths between 12 and 18 inches in the flooded areas.  Millet, corn, buck wheat and sorghum are planted liberally and natural foods such as smart weed, sago, and wild celery proliferate our farm ensuring adequate food for an abundant roosting bird population.  Electric wells have been installed to maintain ideal water levels and open water during the coldest part of the late season.  Blinds are heated for maximum comfort and our guides' supplies include over 200 dozen floating, full body duck and goose decoys.  We provide boat transportation to and from the lodge to the blinds for your safety and comfort. Our guides are some of the best in the sport.  Once you experience the Mudhole, you will understand its uniqueness and why many of the top waterfowl hunters in the country rate the Mudhole as one of the top waterfowl destinations in the world. 

Large concentrations of roosting birds on the property are one of the reasons our hunting is so consistent versus other waterfowl hunting areas. Massive amounts of migrating waterfowl concentrate in our area providing some of the best waterfowl hunting period. Our duck and goose hunting over decoys in open water is simply fantastic. You’ll find our classic and comfortable 6500 sq ft. lodge to be the perfect place to relax after the hunt. The lodge includes a spacious living room/TV room, common area with bar. High Speed internet access, business center, satellite TV, game, ping pong and pool tables and a full commercial kitchen. We have ample sleeping accommodations for any sized group. Explore our website for more details on this hunting site, our lodge, annual memberships and corporate and group packages. The lodge is also available for special occasions during the off season.

Mudhole Duck Club

For generations, this area has been well known to waterfowl hunters.  Waterfowl, guided by geographical landmarks have come to this area to feed in these vast bottoms surrounded by the Missouri River.  The farm is situated in the lowest part of the bottoms and for decades hunters have come to this farm to hunt migrating waterfowl.  In 2002, the farm was enhanced with water control structures and a levee system. Later in 2006, the farm underwent extensive modifications for a single purpose; to produce the best duck and goose hunting anywhere.  A system of pipes connected with two deep electric submersible wells allow for controlled flooding of nearly 400 acres of the farm.  The main hunting pool is kept open with 54 degree water so that no matter how cold the temperature outside, there is ALWAYS open water.  Large heated custom designed steel pit blinds were installed on the property to provide the utmost in concealment and comfort.  In addition to the pit blinds, several other custom blinds are situated in strategic places around the farm.

The 6500 sq foot lodge overlooks the Club’s property.  Inside you will find a comfortable spacious living area, bar, large commercial kitchen, bedrooms, bunkroom and plenty of space to relax with a great view of the hunting area.  There is nothing more thrilling than watching thousands of mallards coming in at dusk…Come watch the show with us.

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